In the last couple of months, Dark Funeral, one of the most important black metal band of all time, came through many changes. It´s not very common to lose 3 very important band members in such a short period. Lord Ahriman, the founding member of the band, was very kind to us and revealed to us some details, what actually happened and also what are their plans for the future.

Were the decisions of the band members sudden or did you know about it in advance? I mean whether you had time to prepare for it?

No, it was actually decided about 6 month before we went public with it. And at that time we also decided that Summerbreeze was going to be the last show with that particular line-up.

You have many fans here in Slovakia and when the people received those information, many of them said that Dark Funeral is going to split up. Have you been thinking about anything like that?

No, that's NEVER been in my mind! For those who have followed me and the band over the years know that this is not the first time we undergo a major line-up change. And as long as I personally have the will, motivation, dedication and so forth, Dark Funeral will continue to wave the flag of Swedish Black Metal, no doubt about that! No one can deny the fact that every time we've changed members, I/we've always succeeded in recruiting new and amazing musicians to move forward and reach new heights with the band. And there is absolutely no doubt in my/ our mind that this will again be the case. And there is absolutely no doubt in my/our mind that once the new line-up is complete. We will be a stronger and better band than ever.

Do you have certain imagination what to do in the future?

Sure. Just as always, I, and Chaq Mol, have tons of killer aware!

Could you reveal to us any further information about your future band memebers?

Unfortunately no, not at this point of time.

You are also looking for a new vocalist, bass player and drummer through your official website. People could send their videos or some audio stuff. How was it? Have you found someone who is suitable?

So far we have received a bit over 500 application and it keep coming in new application pretty much every day. So it sure has, and still is, a lot of material to go through. Out of the 500 plus applications we have received so far, there's a few VERY interesting candidates of course, some who we are talking further with at this point of time, but, we’ll keep the search “open” until we have come to a final decision and officially announced the new member(s). So if you do believe that you have what it takes for the job, don’t hesitate to send us some AUDIO/VIDEO files of your Vocal/Drum performance! Send to:


I´d like to ask you about the last show with Caligula. How was it actually? How did you feel? And what about him? He had to be sad, hadn´t he?

Luckily, I was so extremely busy that day. I didn't have any time to think about it. From the arrival to show-time I had to plan the pyro with the pyro company, plan the DVD filming with the film company, sort all the biz stuff between the label and all these companies that were involved in the DVD production, among many other things. For obvious reasons I really wanted this to become a very special show, and a killer DVD. So I was constantly on the phone, run back and forth on the festival site like a madman talking to all these people to prepare and make sure everything turned out just perfect. It wasn't really until we were on stage and played the last song it struck me, that this was in fact the last show we were doing with Caligula on vocals. And considering the fact that Caligula and I have been friends and worked together for 15 years it sure was a sad feeling, I won't deny that. But at the same time it's just to accept the fact that sometime people's lives takes different turns, where of their priorities also change. And even though it was Caligula's own decision to leave the band, I'm quite sure he also had a mixed feeling about it all, some sad, some excitement to start a somewhat new life.

As you have already said, you recorded the show for a live DVD. When could we expect to see this material?

Hopefully soon! Everything is pretty much ready and it sure will be a killer DVD! Now it's up to our label Regain Records to nail the last few things and to suggest a release date. As soon as we know more, you'll get to know it too! So stay tuned!

What about your new album? I´ve already read that you have some ideas and also some new material. Am I correct?

Yeah, I've begin to write material for a new album, but it's still too early to reveal anything about it. As soon as we have something more to say , we'll publish it on our websites!

What do you think when we could expect the new album? We´re talking about near future or it´s a very distant time?

Well, it's hard to say, but to be truly realistic here, an early 2012 wouldn't be too impossible to nail I think.

Do you have any special message for your Slovakian fans?

As soon as the new line-up is complete, I hope to play Slovakia again. It's always a pleasure to play there! And I'd like to thank all of you for your amazing support throughout the years. You rule!

I´d like to thank you for this interview, for your time and I wish you all the best and good luck in your future career!

Thanx for the support. It's highly appreciated!

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